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Do You Have Dry Eyes?

If you have stinging, burning, red, or itchy eyes, it may signify that you have dry eye disease. If so, dry eye therapy can make your eyes more comfortable, so you can get back to living well. 

Dry eye disease can affect everyone differently. For some, dry eyes cause temporary symptoms that can be mildly irritating, but for others, symptoms can damage the eyes and affect their daily lives. 

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Zest in-office Dry Eye Treatment

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Simply put, dry eye disease occurs when there is an issue with your tears. Your tears are an essential part of your visual system, as they wash away dirt and debris and keep your eyes lubricated and nourished. 

If your eyes do not produce enough tears, or if your tears do not have the proper composition, it can lead to dry eye disease.

What Causes Dry Eye Disease? 

There are many factors that can contribute to tear dysfunction, including hormone changes, disease, inflamed eyelid glands, or allergic reactions. Two types of dry eye disease exist—learn more about them here. 

Decreased Tear Production

Dry eyes can occur when your eyes don’t produce enough tears. This type of dry eye disease is known as aqueous tear-deficient dry eye.

Common causes of decreased tear production include:

  • Aging
  • Medical conditions
  • Certain medications
  • Corneal nerve desensitivity

Increased Tear Evaporation

The other type of dry eye disease is evaporative dry eye, which occurs when there is an inadequate oily layer in your tears. The oily layer helps your tears adhere to the eye’s surface, so without it, the tears evaporate too quickly.

Common causes of increased tear evaporation include:

Dry Eye Therapy at Niagara Vision

At Niagara Vision, we use multiple technologies to diagnose and treat dry eye disease. During your appointment, we will perform an eye exam to better understand the cause of your dry eye so we can treat your symptoms effectively and efficiently. 

Tear Breakup Analysis

We use a technology called the medmont topographer to noninvasively measure tear break up. These results help us determine which type of dry eye disease you are experiencing, guiding us to the correct treatment for you.

Drop therapy involves the use of eye drops to bring more moisture to your eyes. At Niagara Vision, we recommend both artificial tears, and prescription eye drops, depending on the degree of your dry eyes.

Sometimes, dry eyes can be caused by oil buildup around the lashes or debris around the eyelids. To clean your eyelids and promote proper eye lubrication, we offer various treatments, including eyelid scrubs, eye masks, and eye compresses.

Increasing the amount of omega-3 in your diet has been shown to reduce dry eye symptoms. This can be done by adjusting your diet or incorporating supplements into your routine. Omega-3 fatty acids can improve the eye’s oil film, which can keep your tears from evaporating too quickly.

Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes

Our team at Niagara Vision is ready to help you experience life without the irritating symptoms of dry eye. 

Book an appointment today to find relief from dry eye disease!

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